CV. ISTANA CHARCOAL INDONESIA the manufacture, which is located in Semarang city, is considered beeing pioneer for natural charcoal and enjoys an international reputation. We produce our charcoal briquettes made from coconut shells with the highest quality standard for HOOKAH / SHISHA . Thereby we always pay attention to the requirements of environmental criteria and sustainability standards.

The CV. ISTANA CHARCOAL INDONESIA is an independent company, which have arisen from the 2015 founded ISTANA-group. Thanks to our more than 5 years of experience with charcoal from coconut shells, we are the total experts for high-quality coconut briquettes.

We develop our products constantly and customize them to the demands and wishes of our customers. Meet our company and get impressed by our coconut briquettes!

The manufacturing flow from receiving raw materials throughout our streamlined production process is highly efficient. Rigorous quality control and continuous daily testing at our in-house lab are essential to provide consistent, high quality.

We offer our partners various briquette sorts for the individual Shisha enjoyment as well as excellent premium briquettes for BBQ. As professionals for marketing and distribution of coconut briquettes in Middle east, Germany, Europe and the whole world, we are the right partner for coconut charcoal.


  • Burns hotter with a higher calorific value
  • Ash content max 2.5%
  • White / grey ash colour
  • No smell at all
  • No crack
  • No black spot
  • Long burning time
  • Made from 100% coconut shells of coconut products processing
  • No trees are cut down for the production