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all product we served with certificate lab

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Serving best hookah and BBQ charcoal since 2015

we can support your private labelling with your request quality

grade food quality is important 


We offer our partners various briquette sorts for the individual Shisha enjoyment as well as excellent premium briquettes for BBQ. As professionals for marketing and distribution of coconut briquettes in Middle east, Germany, Europe and the whole world, we are the right partner for coconut charcoal.

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Serving Best hookah And BBQ Since 2015

The manufacturing flow from receiving raw materials throughout our streamlined production process is highly efficient. Rigorous quality control and continuous daily testing at our in-house lab are essential to provide consistent, high quality.

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100% natural coconut shell charcoal of premium grade material

low as content is important for your hookah / shisha

ash content 2.2% to 2.5% (max)

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100% natural coconut shell charcoal of raw material


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natural wood charcoal for bbq